Mission statement


We offer a full range of fulfillment SERVICES but in the envelope of BESPOKE interaction with our customers. We tailor our service in the light of the product and market placing that our customer requires.

We are based in LONDON and as such serve well those that operate with in the M25. We like to feel our warehouse is at the disposal of our customers so that we can work in partnership to achieve the optimum in customer satisfaction and problem solve quickly.

We are looking for new customers who feel their product is an item not just a bar code in a bag, and want their item to be received in a specific way with the packaging and presentation just so, setting the mood of the Brand.

If you are a multi channel brand or a small start up we will be there for you, listening and discussing with you how we should operate.

We have expertise in fulfillment going back to the Mail Order Catalogs era and now the new Internet Retail age. The Company history dates back to 1954 when we started to produce leather garments and general Garment Processing in the UK and moved on to the new era of Web Retail Fulfillment in the last 8 years.

Other parts of our Company offer Services that enhance our credentials in the Clothing area and allow us to offer the BESPOKE service.

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Our other areas of expertise

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Nobody knows leather like us, for over 50 years we have been processing leather garment to the highest standard. We use dollies and hand press for all leather garments.

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Our offer consists of: - outerwear processing - concession distribution and warehousing - care and alteration services (labels / zips / alterations / buttons / concession operations).

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Garment help provides support for manufacturers, importers and retailers that are experiencing difficulties in their supply chain. We work on a wide range of products and materials.

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We can operate many interfaces

Amazon : Orange CRM : Limelight : Zen Cart : Magento : Konnektive : Infusion : Woo Commerce : Shopify : Linworks

We will allocate your own accounts Manager from Start to Finish so you can rest assured your point of contact always knows what the current situation is. It’s our business to master your Fulfilment and leave you free to run your Brand and web site.
We have our own Web Stores for you to use, clear stock or test new marketing tools. Own shop Brand Vouge, Ebay store: Leather Mode and Sales - Amazon Sales

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